Sample Projects

Learn how to use MotionStack from example projects

These demos are intended to be used on sensor enabled devices. Using them on devices without sensors, i.e. a desktop or laptop, will not produce any motion data.


A demo that plots the motion data for most of the MotionStack API's.


A simple demo using the Compass API.

Gravity Scroll

A demo that uses the RelativePitch API to scroll up and down a webpage.

Orientation Cube

A demo that uses the Orientation API to rotate a cube.


A demo that builds a skybox that you can view by moving your mobile device. This sample project requires your browser to support WebGL.

Walk To Animate

A demo that uses the Pedometer API to animate a car when you walk.

RelativeHeading Image Panning

A demo that uses the RelativeHeading API to pan an panoramic image.

2048 Tilt

A demo that uses the Tilt API to play 2048.

Distance Tracker

A demo that uses the Geolocation API to give you real-time location data and your distance from Paris, France.